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Recap of the Most Fun, Chaotic, and Unpredictable Event

Recap of the Most Fun, Chaotic, and Unpredictable Event

Feb 14, 2023

Do you know the power of in-person communication and events?

Since the COVID-19 shutdown back in 2020, it seems like the world has gravitated toward Zoom meetings and remote communication. Guys, these tools are great, but they aren't
nearly as effective for professional growth as in-person networking and events. 

Recently, I had the opportunity to host my first in-person live event, and it helped so many people make professional and personal connections that they couldn't have made over Zoom. 

This event was such a blast for me and the Burnout to All Out community, but at times, it felt like the entire universe was working against the event with hurdle after hurdle of unexpected challenges.

Have you ever felt so overwhelmed by adversity that you were tempted to give up on a valuable professional or personal opportunity?

We can't predict life's challenges, but we have the power to choose how we respond to them, and we can manifest our realities.

Gang, you ALWAYS have a choice when it comes to overcoming setbacks, and I'm so happy that I pushed through seemingly countless problems to deliver a valuable professional and personal experience for those who attended. 

In this article, I share the event's core pillars and how I manifested my reality to host an energetic and elevating live event. 


Elevating Your Success Professionally and Personally

The main point I wanted to drive home with this event was the word
elevate. Now, what do I mean by "elevate" exactly?

I mean that we can elevate ourselves professionally and personally to reach greater heights. 

Elevation is all about taking what was once your ceiling and making it your floor. You reach a completely new level in your entrepreneurial abilities while bringing more joy into your life.

Have you ever felt stagnant in your business? Maybe you reached your ceiling when it comes to your skills and your resources, and now your business isn't growing. 

When you reach this motionless point in your entrepreneurial journey, you need to seek out experts and communities that can help you reach a new level in your business. That was the primary focus of this event — upgrading people's DNA and ability to reach that next level. 

The way in which I did this was by synthesizing some of the best live events that I've attended, and I crafted this one-of-a-kind experience to help the members of my community grow past their ceiling points. Of course, this achievement wasn't without tremendous challenges, but more on that later. 

I focused on delivering an experience that could enable individuals to become modern entrepreneurs. 

What I mean by a "modern entrepreneur" is focusing on more than just the business side of entrepreneurship — it's about focusing on health, wealth, and happiness. In addition to growing your business, you must take care of yourself and avoid burnout.

Last year, I grew my business and enhanced my entrepreneurial skills, which was great, but I also saw myself becoming mentally and physically drained. I had to remind myself that one of the biggest reasons I left corporate life was because I felt burnt out, and it wasn't the way I wanted to live. Even though I was my own boss, I realized that I was approaching burnout again, so I took a moment to recalibrate and embrace a healthy work-life balance. I work hard while also prioritizing my health and personal life. 

Because of my personal experiences with overworking, the main message I wanted to convey in my live event was the three core pillars of becoming a successful modern entrepreneur. 


Pillar #1: The Importance of In-Person Networking

It's no secret that networking is a critical part of achieving your dreams as an entrepreneur, but I gotta say that in-person networking is
far more effective than anything you can do over a phone call or Zoom. 

People don't network in person nearly enough anymore, which is detrimental to their professional growth. 

A single interaction can be a complete game-changer for your business, and connecting with someone in person is far more likely to create a lasting professional relationship. Your professional connections can help you elevate your business to the next level.

For that reason, I had people break off into small groups so that they could have an easier time connecting. 

Networking and growing in your professional community can also help motivate you to reach that next step of success. It allows you to have energetic exchanges with more successful entrepreneurs to help you realize that you're not so different from them and that YOU are capable of achieving your goals. 

Take my event, for example. The event featured seven-figure and even eight-figure earners. When you interact with these successful entrepreneurs personally, you see that what they've achieved is realistic and attainable. 

Creating a professional community also allows you to have people in your life who hold you accountable to achieve your goals. The energetic exchange you have with other entrepreneurs propels you forward to success. 


Pillar #2: Prioritizing Joy in Your Life

The second pillar of my event focused on infusing joy into your life through your mind, body, and relationships. 

I have a serious question for you: Do you feel like you've built your business around your life, or have you built your life around your business?

If you prioritize your business and entrepreneurial career over your personal life, you'll likely experience serious burnout, and sadly, SO many entrepreneurs fall into this trap. They focus primarily on their businesses rather than bringing fun and joy into their lives. 

So many people lose sight of why they became entrepreneurs in the first place, and they work themselves too hard and fail to recover. 

That's not to say that we're not supposed to work hard — I work my ass off — but you need to ensure that you value and prioritize your mental and physical health. 

When creating your business schedule this upcoming year, make sure that you find a good balance and energy between your work and personal life and have time for joy and fun. 

For that reason, my event featured many fun activities emphasizing the importance of bringing pleasure into our lives. We also helped people manifest their ideas and calm their nervous systems. 


Pillar #3: Creating an Optimal Business Strategy

The final pillar focused on developing the best business strategy. Although focusing on inner work and embracing joy is essential,
this pillar focused more on hard work and doing what it takes to elevate our businesses. 

We focused on coaching and mentorship to empower entrepreneurs to reach that next level in their businesses. This also went along with our networking pillar because the friends and professional acquaintances we interact with can help us develop new strategies, ideas, and opportunities. 

This pillar also emphasized that great things require tremendous work. One of my favorite coffee cups has the inscription, "Good things come to those who work their ass off," and I very much believe in this. 

Part of creating harmony in our lives is embracing fun and joy while also being willing to put in the work to get results. There will be times on your entrepreneurial journey when you need to push yourself, but you, of course, also need to listen to your body and allow yourself to recover. You need to strike the right balance between hard work and rest. 


Manifesting Your Reality Amidst Adversity

One important lesson I was reminded of when putting on this event was that we can't prepare for life's obstacles, but, as I said earlier, you can choose how to respond and manifest your reality.

Even though the event went wonderfully, I faced tremendous challenges from the very beginning, starting with my executive assistant coming down with COVID-19. She was an integral part of preparing for the event, so I had to handle some event prep while having my kids with me. 

This was only the first part of a series of roadblocks with increasing levels of difficulty, but I decided that with each obstacle, I would choose to manifest my reality. 

What you focus on becomes real, and I knew that if I focused on delivering an impactful event for the many people attending, I would be able to make it happen.

Next, my husband threw out his back. At first, I felt like I needed to cancel the event and be there for him, but I realized that I could figure out a way to help while still putting on the event. I coordinated with my older kids and my parents to take care of him while also handling cooking and other household chores. 

On top of all of this, there were some concerns that a hurricane would force us to cancel the event entirely. I decided that I wouldn't let it worry me or occupy my brain because I had no control over it.

I could have decided to dwell on these different reasons for canceling the event, but instead, I focused on delighting and serving my clients. Each night, I would put in my earbuds and manifest my reality and meditate on the most optimal results for the event. 

Once the event actually started, we ran into a pretty significant hurdle: The power went out, and we were instructed to evacuate that part of the hotel. 

I could tell that some people were becoming worried and panicked. Rather than freak out, I took a deep breath and organized a Pictionary game with markers and a flip chart. Then, we ordered pizzas.

In the end, the power going out actually presented a fantastic opportunity for people to network as we bonded over the experience. 

That night, I almost let myself worry about whether the power would return that following day and if I would need to cancel the rest of the event. I caught myself stressing about it, but I overcame those thoughts through meditation and manifesting the reality I wanted.  

The next day, the power was back for that section of the hotel, and we were able to return to the event as normal. 

The point I want to leave with you is that the world will throw curveballs your way, but you can choose to roll with it and make the best of it. 

There were many moments when I could have canceled the event, but I decided to focus on manifesting the reality I wanted. What you focus on becomes real.  

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