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Financial Freedom - How Do You Define It?

Financial Freedom - How Do You Define It?

Oct 18, 2022

Raise your hand if financial freedom was a driving force behind your decision to become an entrepreneur. Who doesn’t want to be sitting on stacks of money, sipping pina coladas on pretty beaches or building dream houses?   


With her motivational, inspirational, and no-nonsense approach, Melissa gives you the low-down on what financial freedom truly means to her and discusses the top 10 traits of the financially free. It might surprise you to discover that real success has less to do with what’s in your bank account and more to do with what’s in your head.


If you’re wondering why you’re not living the kind of life you desire for yourself and your family, this episode is for you. Breaking free from a scarcity mindset is the only path to genuine abundance.


Topics discussed in this episode:

  • grow your business
  • financial freedom
  • resiliency
  • determination
  • know your why
  • gratitude
  • staying present
  • doing the inner work
  • abundance
  • money mindset
  • traits of the financially free
  • business success