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4 Mastermind Observations You Can Take Action On

4 Mastermind Observations You Can Take Action On

Feb 03, 2023

Why should you spend your money to attend a mastermind live event?

I'm going to give you a little bit of a behind-the-curtains view of a mastermind event that I took part in with fellow seven-figure earners. About twenty of us all got together in Beverly Hills a few weeks ago, and there were four themes that I wanted to share with you from that event.

Gang, let me start with a confession: I actually pay for my friends. I will openly say that I actually pay for my friends. I pay to get into the room with the right people! 

I want to talk about why I even go to these things in the first place. Why did I go to Beverly Hills a couple of weeks ago and spend a few days with other entrepreneurs? Why am I on an airplane tomorrow to spend time with other like-minded people?

Here's the thing, I invest in attending mastermind events with the goal of being the dumbest, brokest person in the room. When you walk into a room, or you go to an event, and everybody is putting you on a pedestal and asking you how you did it, you're no longer learning, and you're no longer growing. 

The only thing that's happening in that situation is that your ego is being stroked. I’ve learned over the last three years to strategically get into rooms that make me feel uncomfortable to begin with. If I can, I know there's a lot of growth opportunity for me and I'm inspired!

So I will consciously and purposefully always look to be in rooms where I want to be able to contribute, for sure. But I also want to be able to stretch, grow, and be inspired by the other people in the room. I invest in these mastermind events because I want to be the dumbest person in the room… because that helps me grow.

Reflecting the Energy of Those Around You

They say you are a reflection of the six people you spend the most time with. I know that many of you guys have heard this saying before. 

The key is that you adopt the same values of the people you spend the most time with. You actually start showing the same mannerisms, behaviors, and thought processes. There's even a similar energetic exchange with the people that you spend the most time with. You begin to mirror that energy, right? 

The other thing when we talk about the reflection of those six people is that you actually begin seeing yourself as they see you. Your perception of self is actually a reflection of the perception of those closest to you. I want you to let that set in.

When you are in the midst of growth and evolving, there are some people who are going to evolve with you. Unfortunately, though, there might be others who can't handle your change. Maybe they don't want to see you grow, or they're stuck in a mindset of not wanting you to leave them behind. They may not really understand the journey you are on.

If you stay in a group of people who are stuck in a certain place, they're going to see you as being stuck in that space, too. They won’t see you as having growth opportunities where you are headed. If you're spending a lot of time with them, their perceptions and feelings can cause you to perceive yourself that way.

What I love about my masterminds is the advice and the mentorship even within the community because we all have different expertise. Investing in being in the room with people like that allows you to share the intellectual property that you each have and helps you grow!

You need to look at the closest relationships that you're in right now and ask: Are they bringing value to you? Now, this doesn't mean you have to throw out your old friends. I'm just always looking for new ones, if that makes sense. I'm always looking for new people who can take my ceiling and make it my freaking floor and also can see the potential in me, maybe even more than I can.

#1: Being Super Rich Isn’t Out of Reach

What I loved about attending one of the latest mastermind events at the Beverly Hills Hotel was that we were in the heart of Beverly Hills. While it stretched me financially for sure to stay at that hotel, my mentor,
Chris Harder, did that on purpose. 

When you submerge yourself in the super rich, they're no longer on the outside of something unattainable. I was sharing the gym with them, ordering $25 smoothies with them. There I was, sitting amongst some of the wealthiest people in the U.S., seeing Ferrari SUVs and Porsches pull up to the hotel, and this is just run of the mill for these people.

I'm a runner, so of course I went for runs in the morning. I could see school girls at the bus stop literally in front of the hotel, just like my kids in the morning when I went for a run. People were sitting out drinking their coffee, walking their dogs just like we do in the neighborhood.

After taking this all in, all that could register in my brain was that these people are no different than me. They just went after their goals and their dreams and doubled down and freaking did it! And they live in the wealthiest zip code on the planet, right? 

They can afford to live in this area with amazing weather, but the truth is, I can get to that place, too. I found myself walking past Al Pacino and thinking: These are just regular people! They're literally just like me, and they just went after it.

We join masterminds for different reasons. Sometimes we join because we're stuck and we need that momentum that an energetic exchange can inspire, right? We're all trying to navigate through the same storm as entrepreneurs. But some of us are in a moment in our businesses of wild success and we're joining the masterminds to get continued support, coaching, and additional wind in our sails to get through the storms!

Others are in a storm right now and having a difficult time weathering it. I was in a difficult space where I needed to make some radical changes in my health and the way I was operating at the beginning of this past year. I was in the dark part of the storm when I came in, and there were people who had record-high years and just doing amazing as I was struggling. 

When I came to one mastermind at the beginning of the year, I was intimidated, and I felt really small. I felt like the dumbest, brokest person in the room, and I was scared and terrified, but in a good way. I thought to myself: There's so much growth that's about to happen!

I was also in a dark place in my business, life, and health. My point is, when I first came in, I wasn't healthy. I was incredibly stressed, and I was also at a place of transition in my business. 

Fast forward to this year in the mastermind. I got to stand in front of my peers and share that I was the healthiest, wealthiest, and happiest I'd been in probably over a decade. It was through focused attention throughout the year and committing to positively affecting those things that I reached my current success. Less than a year later, I was in a completely different place, and it was my turn to be the positive, energetic push for the other people in my mastermind!

#2: Sell to Your Internal Clients Like Disney Does

As part of this mastermind event in Beverly Hills, we went and toured Disney, which was really fun, but there were some things that I noticed when we went. 

Our mentor, Chris Harder, gave us this book that Walt Disney wrote that told the story of his vision as an entrepreneur. So we actually went to Disney to tour and take it all in with the sense of his business model for creating an experience for people who come to Disney. I noticed so many things during our tour of the park.

One question I found myself asking was: How can we bring the magic back into our business? This was one of the things that Chris prompted us to notice while we were in Disney. How can we bring the magic we were experiencing as we walked through back to our businesses

You know, one of the big things that we noticed was that Disney did such a great job of being two steps ahead of what every amusement park attendee needs or wants in order to make it such a delightful experience. They're making it a delightful experience for us at every opportunity. Even if you had to wait in line for a ride for two hours, it didn't seem that way because it was such an experience going through the line! There were little videos and all kinds of animation, and just going through the line itself was an experience.

They'd thought about that in advance, and it got me thinking: How can we make more of an experience for our clients? I doubled down and thought about how we can cater to the senses and make us stand out beyond just driving results for our clients. I want to make them feel special!

I immediately got home and went to work creating curated welcome boxes for our newest clients who've just come into our LinkedIn Method Academy. We have formatted and made beautiful graduation certificates as an exit gift for clients, along with copies of the book that I had recently published. It's the little touches that not only make you memorable, but also make your client feel special.

The other thing I noticed while I was in Disney is that the money they make isn’t just from the tickets that people buy to get into the park. That's just the price for entry. Disney makes all of its money inside the park. How much time are they spending outside of Disney trying to get people to come in?

Now apply this to your business. How much time are you investing in looking for new clients versus how can you add more for the clients you already have? 

That is where Disney has crushed it! They make all their money once people are inside. So for me personally, my team and I are making a new major focus on our internal offerings for the clients who are already inside of our agency, inside of our Business Basics Accelerator, and inside of our mastermind. 

What can we do to retain our clients and keep them forever? Selling them something new that gives them tremendous value and moves the needle in their business is a lot easier than trying to sell to a completely cold market.

#3: Have Successful Keynote Speakers

The third thing I noticed at this mastermind event was the exceptional lineup of a lot of incredibly successful keynote speakers. 

We got to hear from Danielle Canty, the co-founder and President of BossBabe. Danielle shared that she and her business partner have a business therapist that they meet with together to have a third party to facilitate business discussions between them. 

On the topic of therapy, we heard from Lewis Howes from School of Greatness, as well. One of the things Lewis shared is that inner peace is the highest currency, in his view. We must heal along the way, and we cannot create something magical from a place of significant stress.

What I will tell you is that the common thread amongst many of our keynote speakers was that they're constantly investing in their mental and emotional health. The reality is entrepreneurs who succeed are well aware that at every level of growth, our nervous systems are challenged. These guys are constantly working on their mental and emotional health, and it's a priority as an entrepreneur. We're constantly growing and challenging ourselves in unknown territory.

How are we regulating our nervous system? Another of the keynote speakers talked about cryotherapy and what a tremendous job it had done for his health and his nervous system. The bottom line is, these incredibly successful entrepreneurs that I met treat their mental and physical health as an important asset, almost as important as their business strategy! 

#4: The Importance of Personal Branding

The fourth thing I learned during this live mastermind event in Beverly Hills is that our speakers had some major insights around personal branding. Danielle from BossBabe and Lewis Howes from School of Greatness drove home the point that personal branding is real estate.

If you’re launching businesses without owning a personal brand, you are creating tremendous extra work for yourself when you need to pivot or shift to another offering. You're never starting from zero if you lead with your personal brand because you'll always have it to pivot on when offering a new outlet. 

I want that to sink in. You can create business pages, but you must have a personal brand and a personal page at the center of them. Lewis said that two-thirds of people purchase more based on the people who have a personal brand because there's more trust. You always have a foundation to build on if you lead with your personal brand.

Danielle talked about how you should have your personal brand and then have your semi-detached houses, your other businesses, attached to it. Those of you who are big on Instagram have individual IG pages that are your business, but you still have your personal brand. You still have your personal brand

And the other thing that really rang true to me from these experts was when it comes to marketing, you need to go an inch wide and a mile deep. This means having a narrow marketing focus but having a lot of depth to it.

When you're new and first getting started, it's so easy to talk about all the things you can do and offer. You try to show all of these things on your brand site, and all you accomplish is confusing your audience about how they can work with you. You need to start with being super niche and get really damn good at it to create momentum and be known for that flagship.

Once you’ve done this, then you’ve earned the right to fold in your additional semi-detached houses, your additional services and offerings, to an expanded client base, right? And your audience will follow you to these new areas because you’ve built their trust!

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